Mesotherapy–revitalization of the face, throat, neck, and hands. Esthetic mesotherapy is a technique of direct injection of effective materials into the skin.

We use the modern Anteis application pen for mesotherapy treatment.


The Anteis application feather is an automated electronic application system using fillings and agents for mesotherapy. Up to now, all filling materials were applied only by hand. However, even experienced doctors are unable to apply it as evenly and precisely as this application feather.


The application feather, where the rate and dosage of the agent can be adjusted, works in several modes and thereby brings great comfort to the doctor, but more importantly to the patient. The Anteis application feather enables exact dosage and has therefor a much better esthetic effect with much smaller unwanted side-effects, for example reddening, bruising, or swelling. The patient can resume regular activities much quicker following treatment, and treatment is also less painful.


It is most often used for the skin of the face, throat and neck, where hyaluronic acid, which has the property of intensively bonding water, is injected through slight, multiple punctures.
The skin is thereby revitalized and hydrated, which shows with greater elasticity, strength, and the noticeable smoothing of the surface. We carry out individual punctures using a special roller which has hundreds of ultra-thin needles so that the treatment is very comfortable.
Mesotherapy can be repeated about 4x with 14-day intervals. It is very suitable to perform mesotherapy following the immediately application of peeling, when the skin is optimally prepared for the absorption of hyaluronic acid–this is the so-called mesopeel.
Mesotherapy is suitable for the droopy skin of the cheeks, forehead, sides, throat, neck, or backs of the hands





Price of the treatment ranges from €63


If necessary, we will arrange the financing of the procedure.