Face-lifting by thread, a so-called mini-facelift, is a very economical operational technique performed without a scalpel and, by use of local anesthesia, decreases the aging of the skin and its wrinkles.

In contrast to a traditional invasive facelift, during which skin and fatty tissue must be cut off, the Aptos method draws the skin tight using threads with teeth.
Aptos is a technique suitable in contrast to a classic (surgical) facelift for various age-groups of clients. It can be used even for lower age categories, the majority starting at 35 years, in certain cases even for younger clients. The immediate effect, healing within a week, allows for repeated application. The effect after the Aptos feather lift operation is immediate and slightly improves over the course of several months in the thread in the skin develops collagen adhesions which hold the skin in the required position.
The healing period lasts roughly one week, when small signs of swelling are visible sometimes alongside bruises in the treated area. This method is simpler in comparison to a classic facelift, as well as more economical for the patient and with a shorter period of healing. We recommend not performing strenuous movements in the treated area for 14 days following Aptos in order for the threads to settle. The procedure can be repeated several times according to need. The effect of this treatment is counted in years, the maximum length is roughly 5 years in relation to the type of skin and age of the patient.





Price of the treatment ranges from €667 


If necessary, we will arrange the financing of the procedure.